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The Darkshard Development DVD contains every application that I have collected over the last 18 years that pertains to UO development. Every piece of software you could want or need to create your very own custom replacement map and shard is included. Also included are many other development items as listed below.

Purchasing the DVD is a HUGE savings compaired to purchasing all my Maps, Dragon IMod Addons, 2D Client Enhanced Graphics Upgrade, Darkshard WoWLike GUI, 2D Client Enhanced GUI, and Darkshard Crystalline GUI individually (over a $200.00 value). You are only paying for the Maps, Dragon IMod Addons, Darkshard GUI, 2D Client Enahnced GUI, Darkshard Crystalline GUI, Darkshard Gothic GUI, and 2D Client Enhanced Graphics Upgrade. All other software and files on the DVD are completely FREE and offered only as bonus material to allow you to change/edit any of the maps or graphics as you see fit.

This DVD is really starting to become a HUGE collection of very usefull information as well as tools for all shard developers. There is so much information now that it will now ship as a DVD due to a single CDRom no longer being able to contain all of the information. Multiple CDRom's can be shipped if you don't have the ability to read a DVD on your computer just be sure to email me and let me know you require it in CDRom format instead.



  • 2D Client Enhanced Graphics folder contains the enhanced graphics upgrade that provides new HI-Res textures, and landtiles for the game. This gives a more realistic look to the terrain, providing players with a rich new environment to explore without loosing the 2D feel that we have all grown to love. This upgrade is for the Pre-SA (2D clients 4.x-6.x), SA (2D clients 7.x-, HSA (2D clients 7.x-, and Classic Client versions of the Ultima Online Game. The 2200+ BMP images are included so they can be imported into any version of the client.

  • Map Building Tools folder contains more than 50 programs allowing you to create/edit/change just about anything in UO you desire (Map Creators, MUL Editors, Gump Editors, Font Editors, Animation Editors, MUL Viewers, UOKR Tools, Map Editors, GM Tools, Encryption Tools, WorldBuilding Tools). Map Extracter (converts Map0/Static0/Staidx0 to Map2/Statics2/Stadix2 or Map3/Statics3/staidx3 world files) which is how I made my Map2 and Map3 worlds and can no longer be found on the internet.

  • UO Clients Archive folder contains different versions of the client (from 1.25.37 through to Allows you to determine what style of play to allow players by selecting the client version that your shard will support.

  • Custom Art folder contains well over 430 new custom graphics (animations, decorations, doors, floors, furniture, gates, landscape, roofs, stairs, terrain, walls, gump menus). I've collected this custom artwork over the years and have compiled it all into categories. Much of this artwork is no longer easily found on the internet. Included are all of the snow/ice covered exterior items for use in winter areas.

  • Custom Clothing, Armor, and Weapons 500+ new clothing, armor, and weapon gump images which can be used to replace existing in-game clothing, armor and weapons.

  • Darkshard Custom GUIs folder contains 4 of my custom GUI's: Darkshard WoW like GUI supports Pre-SA (2D clients 4.x-6.x) and Classic Client The 2D Client Enhanced GUI, The Darkshard Crystalline GUI supports Pre-SA (2D clients 4.x-6.x), SA (2D clients 7.x-, HSA (2D clients 7.x-, and Classic Client, The Darkshard Gothic GUI supports SA (2D clients 7.x-, HSA (2D clients 7.x-, and Classic Client All of the BMP images for the GUI are included so they can be imported into any version of the client.

  • Desktop Wallpapers folder contains 51 UO hi-res images that can be used as desktop wallpapers (covers various versions of the UO game and some custom images).

  • Darkshard Replacement Worlds folder contains all 25 of my custom Maps featured on the site. MUL files and UOP files provided to support up to Classic Client

  • Client GUI Collection folder contains 26 addons for the UO Client to provide various GUI changes, was well as complete new ones.

  • EMUs folder contains 8 of the most popular UO EMU's made, 2 are no longer available anywhere else on the internet. JustUO with support for latest client, Sphere v55i/v56a/v99z/v1.0rc17, RunUO 1.0/2.0/2.1 with SA support/2.2 with HSA support, GemUO with SA support, SunUO, UOXClassic, UOX3 v0.70.03/0.98-4.0/0.99b. Also contains a growing library of custom scripts for RunUO 1.0 and RunUO 2.0/2.1/2.2 as well as Sphere.

  • Hi-Res Maps folder contains 21 hi-res very detailed maps (Britannia, Ilshenar,Lost Lands, Malas, Sea Chart, Termur, and Tokuno). Also contains a Spawn Map (numbered area locations around the map with legend at bottom detailing every type or creature/npc that should be spawned for that area of the map), this is a very detailed map and is a great resource for populating your shard if your making an UO style original shard. Also contains Gump images of each of the 6 original worlds that can be imported into the gump MUL file and used in game via scripts.

  • Shard Software folder contains 12 programs for use with shard development/management.

  • UOKR Utilities folder contains conversion/development software to allow the KR client to work with a free EMU (RunUO-RE with KR support).

  • Misc folder contains 6 utilities crutial to custom map development, and shard implementation (cartograph software, house/structure building software, and Paintshop Pro 5 (shareware).

  • UO Strategy Guides folder contains 6 stratedy guides from the Official Origin's Ultima Online, Renaissance, The Second Age, Lord Blackthorn's Revenge, Age of Shadows, and Mondain's Legacy versions of the game. These are great assets to anyone looking to create a shard set to a certain era of UO. Statistics and Information on Spells, Skills, Armor, Items, Creatures, NPC, and more. Great resources for anyone looking to build a shard and wants to set it up just like the original UO was.

  • UO: Mittelerde Project folder contains all the files from the (abandoned) project. All BMP Graphics, MUL files, Homepage, Database, Client, Various Development Tools, World Map Image, UOTC, UO:ME Server (RunUO 1.0 Heavily Modified). Great for anyone wanting to continue the project or use some of the existing development graphics or features. UO:Mittelerde data is also freely available Here on this website.

  • Other Map0 Worlds folder contains 2 completed worlds: MiddleEarth Map0, and Warcraft3 Map0. They have been created by others and released to the public freely. The websites offering these worlds are long since gone so I'm offering them now on the DVD for others to use.

COST: $39.99 US Customer ($34.99 + $5.00 shipping & handling).
Specify what media format you would like (DVD or FLASHDRIVE) in Shipping Instructions. If not specified DVD will be shipped.
COST: $49.99 International Customer ($34.99 + $15.00 shipping & handling).
Specify what media format you would like (DVD or FLASHDRIVE) in Shipping Instructions. If not specified DVD will be shipped.

Your address must be confirmed with PayPal, if your address is unconfirmed then I will not mail you the product until you have confirmed it with PayPal!

BMP Maps & GUI Enhancements Copyright © 2000-2018 by Carl Hamilton. All rights reserved.

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